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     Shandong hanrui metallurgical equipment co., LTD., founded in 2015, is a professional manufacturer of high-end metallurgical equipment.  
     The founding team of the company has been engaged in the conveyor industry for 13 years, specializing in sales, technology, production, procurement, quality and other departments. In addition, the equipment research and development center was set up in 2018, which is dedicated to the design and development of new products. Based on the practical experience of on-site production, design innovation has been constantly strengthened. Now, twelve utility model patent certificates have been applied. We take the conveyor as a lifelong career to operate carefully, no matter product quality or technical services are in strict accordance with the national standards and the requirements of the owners, on-line products have been highly recognized by customers.

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     The company's main products for steel rolling automatic production line, the production line for the integration of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, computer products, with strong intelligence and high level of automation, the realization of 500 meters of production site unmanned management. The main products are automatic vertical coiling frame conveying system, automatic suspension conveying system, Morgan delay type on-line air cooling system and collection system, air cooling roller conveying system.
Professional enterprise
Engaged in metallurgical high-end equipment specialized production enterprises。

Excellent quality
Products are in line with technical requirements, has passed the ISO9001 series of standards

earnest and efficient
Serious, efficient, high-quality service to each customer, high-quality metallurgical industry choice

—— Engaged in the conveyor industry for             years of rich experience ——
We uphold the "quality first, service first" company philosophy, with a grateful heart, strictly control the quality of each part of the product, to provide the best supporting services to the owners.。
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Shandong Hanrui Metallurgical Equipment Co.  Ltd.
AddressJiaozhou City Madian industrial park, Qingdao, Shandong Postcode266300 Landline number:0532-85200130 The phone:13210897699 E-mail :hryj2008@163.com
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